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Is Wisdom Tooth Extraction Painful?

There is a point in your life where you fear getting your wisdom teeth removed. You probably have heard countless stories of the horrors that some people have gone through. But the one thing that you never hear is that the process of getting your wisdom teeth removed is not as bad as people tell you. Dr. Walid Al-Saadi and Dr. Iva Matheson at Rideau Town Dental Care want to see your wisdom teeth removal in Kingston, ON, Canada, pain-free. There is no need to fear having your wisdom teeth removed.

The Purpose of Wisdom Teeth Removal

The art of removing wisdom teeth has become so refined that there is no need to fear the procedure or recovery period. The facts show that people do not need their teeth any longer. For many people, the wisdom tooth crowds out the other teeth and can cause serious issues later in life. Crowding of teeth and impacted teeth cause far more pain than removing the wisdom teeth ever could. And with today’s medicine, the procedure is virtually pain-free.

Pain, Pain Go Away and Never Come Back

The dentist who knows how to remove wisdom teeth will ensure that you do not feel anything during the procedure. And everyone that has had the wisdom tooth removal procedure done reacts to it differently in recovery. Some people will need painkillers, and others will not. It all depends on how you react to the procedure. Most people take the painkillers for a day or two and then are fine.

The Time of Recovery

Your dentist will provide you with special instructions on caring for the extraction area, so an infection or other complications do not return. There can be some discomfort as your mouth adjusts after the procedure. But your dentist wants you to have the best recovery period. Your recovery will take several days for the area to heal up and the swelling to go down. But it is different for every person.

Dr. Al-Saadi and Dr. Matheson at Rideau Town Dental Care want to see your wisdom teeth removal in Kingston, ON, Canada, done correctly. If you have any questions, you are invited to call us at one of our three locations. For Kingston East, call (613) 545-1404. For Kingston West, call us at (613) 389-7696. And at our Gananoque location, call us at (613) 382-7380

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