If you are reading this, chances are that you or a family member has been told that a canal treatment is necessary to save a tooth.

When the nerve inside a tooth becomes diseased or infected, the only way to save this tooth is to perform a root canal treatment.

The most common causes of tooth infection are: a large cavity, a deep filling, or an injury to the tooth. Regardless of the cause, the nerve cannot survive the infection. Once infected, bacteria grow within the nerve causing pressure and pain. Eventually, the nerve dies, causing the bone around the root tip to be destroyed.

When clinical examination and x-rays determine that canal treatment is necessary, one or more appointments will be required. An opening is made through the crown into the nerve, and the diseased pulp is carefully removed.

The canal area inside the tooth is then cleaned, enlarged and shaped. Sometimes, a sedative medication is placed in the tooth to control bacterial growth and reduce infection.

After this the inside of the tooth and both the canal and pulp chamber are sterilized and permanently filled and sealed.

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