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Your smile is one of the first impressions you make on others. Maintaining a healthy, attractive smile is important for all members of the family, not just aesthetically, but as an integral part of your overall health.

At Rideau Town Dental Care, Dr. Walid Al-Saadi and his staff are here to offer a full range of services and conveniences to help your entire family enjoy great dental health for life!

A Healthy, Beautiful Smile is within your Reach!


Invisalign... straighten teeth subtly with clear teeth aligners from Invisalign. 

Emergency Dentistry... providing urgent dental care for dental emergencies: knocked out tooth, cracked tooth, etc.

Wisdom Teeth Removal... provide removal of wisdom teeth to prevent impacting other teeth or partial eruption

Lifelong Preventive Care... the goal of our hygiene program is to promote excellent oral health from childhood through your adult years

Family & General Dentistry... providing comprehensive oral health care including extractions, root canal therapy and gum treatment

Cosmetic Dentistry... we offer many aesthetic treatments including Teeth Whitening and Veneers, to help you smile with confidence

Dental Implants... replace missing teeth and enhance the look and function of your smile. Secure loose fitting dentures and enjoy all the foods you love

Orthodontic Treatment... people of all ages are now straightening their teeth

Dental Technology - A Partner in Your Oral Health

Digital X-rays... instead of making you bite down on a sharp and uncomfortable piece of film, we take your dental x-rays quickly and conveniently with the latest in digital technology. With digital x-rays our dental professionals simply slip a sensor into your mouth. Your x-ray appears almost instantly on our computer so we can better explain to you what we see.

Speak to a member of our team to learn more about the full dental service offering at Rideau Town Dental Care.

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