Teeth Whitening

Just about everyone wishes they had whiter teeth. Fortunately, there is an easy, painless way to make your teeth whiter with a process that lightens discoloration in the enamel. Teeth become discolored over time from aging, and staining substances such as coffee, red wine, and tobacco.

Many over-the-counter products such as ‘whitening’ toothpaste and gels are ineffective because they contain a low percentage of the active ingredient, carbamide peroxide, and are not used in a concentrated form directly on the teeth.

How does it work?

First we examine your teeth. If you require any restorative work it is best to have this before whitening.

There are a number of choices for either in-office or take home teeth whitening products. Zoom Whitening and Opalescence are two of the brands we prefer. Many of our clients chose the take home kits to allow for maximum convenience. These can be either preformed shells with whitening gel already in them or we can fabricate custom trays, molded exactly for your teeth. Then, give you a kit including the bleaching gel, carbamide peroxide. You apply the gel to the pockets on the inside of your tray and then wear the tray for a specified period of time or if you prefer while you sleep. After application you will see a dramatic change in the whiteness of your teeth.

The teeth whitening process really works, and you can always use your dental whitening appliance for a one day touch up if you have a special event and want your teeth to appear their whitest. If you are soon to become a bride or groom, white teeth will ensure that your wedding photographs show off your perfect smile!

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