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Good dental habits should be encouraged at a young age. Besides good oral hygiene, this also includes regular preventative visits to the dental office.

We like to see the younger members of your family around age 3. We make the first visit a friendly introduction so that your child feels comfortable with us and the environment of the office. The children get a chance to play with some games, meet “the friendly ladies”, take a ride in the chair, and get a prize for telling us their name and age.

They leave feeling special and look forward to coming back. Next time they will have their teeth counted.

Children get very involved in looking after their teeth, if they are given explanations in terms they can understand.

Our little patients learn that cavities are caused by “sugar bugs”

Our little patients learn that cavities are caused by “sugar bugs” and we need to get them out before they can eat their way to the heart of the tooth. We like to put the tooth to sleep with some “sleepy jell and sleepy juice” first. Sugar bugs are afraid of the water we spray on them and as they are running away, we use a special vacuum to get them out of the mouth. To put the filling in we use a dental shampoo and conditioner and a “special light” to make the filling hard

We invite parents to become our partners in educating their little ones about dental care and dental procedures. Negative words like drill, needle, pain, or using the dentist as a threat, can cause more damage to the relationship between the dentist and children than you can imagine.

At the end of the visit we like to give children a lot of praise, and of course a gift from our treasure box.

The most important message is that if your daughter or son learn to view the dentist as their friend, it will encourage them to visit regularly and help them to keep their teeth healthy for life.

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